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Da Challunge begins!


All contestant should have recieved an email by now explaining the basics.

A few clarifications for some of us: Da Challunge begins today, I placed this in our upcoming events, but this is only to point out the start, if you want to play your battles on another day, feel free to do so.The first part will go on till 22 March, the second part of the challenge will be posted around that time for our next preparations.

I also want to thank all participants, having 10 people joining me in this is a great feeling and proves that there realy is a community of 40k’ers ready to take on a challenge.

I hope you all enjoy the ride.

May the best general win! And always remember: Fun is what we play for.


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Stormboyz club needs your help


We’ve come a long way since the launch of the club about a 1.5 months ago. Still theres a lot to do and this is my cry for help.

To be able to run this club I’ll need some help from fellow gamers. Does one of the following profiles fit you and you want to help the gaming community in your area send an email to the following adres:

read on for more info…

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40K Introduction – Pictures online

First of all i want to thank everyone who took the time to come over to Mishra’s and enjoy a wonderfull night filled with 40K.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We took down some battles and I think everyone learned some stuff about the game.
(and yes my smurfs won! even though I did not play them myself)

Once again: Thanks all!

2nd thing I need to point out, I took some pictures for all our visitors to check out.
You can take a look at them here

Next appointment: Da Challunge kickoff! Hope to see you all there, If you did not subscribe so far, please scroll down and do so.

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Event: Grand Fanatic 2009 – 21 & 22 Feb // Brugge

The guys from the Black Dragons gaming  club asked me to promote this and I’m happy to do so.

They are organizing a tournament and need all the contestants and support gamers have to offer, so please read on.

If you feel like taking part in the first real GT in Belgium be sure to subscribe.
So if you has the nutz ‘n boltz of a real StormBoy and you think you can teach the other pummy umans over there a lesson, keep us updated!
More info after the break!

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Da Challunge PT-1


Well dis is it Boyz, we’ze off to start da challunge, so take out yer big choppaz en prepare for battle!

An if you punny umiez can’t read orkish, it da read more button! Continue reading

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Upcoming event: 40K Introduction


We are proud to anounce the next event we’ll be holding at Mishra’s Playground.

Feel like refreshing some of the rules? haven’t played since 4th ed. and need to catch up on the new 5th ed. rules? Or are you interested into the game and feel like giving it a try? Well you’re more than welcome to join us…read more for all the info

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Ready to punch in?

We decided to launch a long term event in the store, and ‘Da Challunge!’ is the result of it all.

Da Challunge!

Ready to punch in?

Want to start out in a huge campaign, start out with a fresh army and work your way up to 1850 points over the course of many months, together with a group of enthusiastic 40K’ers?

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Painting Saturday @ Mishra’s (03/01/09)

To start our new year with a bang, Mishra’s Playground presents:


Painting Saturday @ Mishra’s

When?: January 3rd @ 12.30 till 17.00
Where?: Mishra’s Playground
Who can join?: Everyone able to hold a pencil
What do you need?: Brushes, paints, two cups or containers able to hold water, cleaning tissue, unpainted models, basically the whole enchilada for painting

I will be there to join you all and take some pictures for the blog!

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Welcome to the StormBoyz Blog, the StormBoyz are a newly found 40K club from Halle. We decided to get a bit more organised and help promote the hobby. Thus StormBoyz was formed, why the name? Well, since the club was founded during Januwaaaaaaghry we needed to get an Orky name, and StormBoyz it is! The gaming club does accept members so if you feel like joining, feel free to contact myself or other members for a basic explanation of the club and a quick overview of the rules.

The blog itself will be a helpful tool to keep everyone informed about activities @ Mishra’s Playground and club related events and updates from our ongoing campaign (The Challunge!). We’ll post pictures from recent activities and our armies.

So please put us in our favorites and show your suport. We do hope you’ll like it here and all input and feedback is welcome. Now blogging lil’ gitz!

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